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Becky Armstrong-Corbett is a former Jehovah’s Witness, qualified psychotherapist and solution focused clinical hypnotherapist. Her form of therapy does not require delving into the past and replaying traumatic events. Instead, she encourages a positive and forward-looking approach.

Becky Corbett

She is very happy to help victims of Jehovah’s Witnesses who may be having to deal with one or more of the following difficulties:


Bad Habits

Health & Relationship Problems

Mental Health Issues

Motivation & Confidence Struggles

Pain Management

Phobias and Fears


Although Becky Corbett Hypnotherapy is based in the UK, she can provide her services to a worldwide clientele using online services. This may prove very beneficial for those who may find it difficult to source a therapist who may not fully understand the difficulties of being a victim of a high control group like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

You can find Becky Corbett Hypnotherapy at the following locations:

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