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r/exJW is one of the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, a community for support, recovery and a few laughs along the way, with well over 60k members and an average of 500 members active at any given time.

What they provide:

  • Support, comfort and mutual encouragement.
  • Discussion of current events pertaining to Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Objectivity, questions and answers.
  • Fresh, original content.
  • Honest communication.

Their rules:

  1. Keep It Civil
    1. No Harassment/Drama
    2. No Personal Attacks or Bullying
    3. Keep Activist Debate/Discussion Civil
    4. Civil Debate with Apologists is Allowed
    5. No Promoting Violence Against JWs (or anyone else)
    6. No Discrimination
  2. No Personally Identifying Information
    1. Under no circumstances should anyone post anything to the sub that contains any personally identifying information about anyone for any reason. The only exception to this are threads where users voluntarily submit their own information. If you are posting snippets of conversation or photographs of others, please obscure their faces and any identifying information, especially if done without their consent. This includes JWs who are harassing you, or individuals you feel justifiably angry with.
  3. Image Posts
    1. Images ARE allowed. Some types (determined by flair) have rules.
  4. No Brigading or Trolling
    1. Reddit looks very poorly on this, so this sub absolutely disallows it. Do not post threads or posts that call for brigading or trolling of any kind, no matter how noble your cause appears to you.
  5. Flair Meetup Posts “Meetup”; No R4R Posts
    1. We will no longer be vetting most meetup posts. But, please flair posts that promote meetups with the “meetup” flair. Also, remember to be careful and stay safe.
  6. No Virtual Begging, Kickstarting or Fundraising
    1. Please do not post submissions that ask for funding, without regard to whether a project is important to you, is of noble intent and/or is going to be used to further the righteous work of opposing the WTBTS. These will be removed. The mods reserve the right to occasionally sticky ONE post soliciting non-monetary support for a (vetted) project that is important to the community. Users spamming the board with repeated requests for the same project will be warned and have such requests removed.
  7. Avoid Duplicate Posts
    1. Added to the report structure so that posters can report duplicate posts!
  8. No Piracy
    1. We don’t allow piracy on the sub. Please don’t post links to file sharing/hosting sites or to direct torrents.

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