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The Zalkin Law Firm is one of the United State’s most trusted, successful, and respected sexual abuse firms. Comprised of caring and compassionate advocates, they represent sexual abuse survivors who’ve faced tremendous suffering and setbacks as a result of their traumas, as well as immense burdens created by years of silence, secrecy, and willful cover-ups.

Over the past 20 years, their firm has helped hundreds of clergycampus, and childhood sex abuse survivors find their voice in the justice system, and has recovered millions in compensation on their behalves. Their attorneys have spearheaded global settlements in high-profile cases against some of the most powerful organizations and institutions in the world, and have secured legal victories for survivors in multi-victim and single-victim sex abuse cases across CaliforniaNew York, and the U.S.

Backed by decades of experience and extensive resources, they help victims take on organizations such as the Catholic ChurchBoy Scouts of America, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and represent campus sexual abuse survivors in civil and Title IX proceedings at universities nationwide.

Despite promises of reform or public repentance, many of these institutions prospered while ignoring, mishandling, and casting aside victims’ claims. We believe the time has come to hold them responsible.

If you or someone you love have questions about a potential sex abuse claim, The Zalkin Law Firm is available to help. We proudly serve survivors nationwide, and offer free and confidential consultations.

Jehovah’s Witness Child Sex Abuse

Child sexual abuse has embroiled nearly every religion, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are no exception. With nearly 9 million members and 120,000 congregations globally, Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to be dedicated to protecting children from sexual offenders, but records reveal they routinely fail to implement policies that protect anything but themselves.

Jehovah’s Witnesses also promote an insulated culture that allows elders and group leaders to conceal cases of sexual abuse within the organization, and dissuade victims from stepping forward with their claims.

Reports have also shown that the Governing Body and Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, entities within the group’s organizational structure, have concealed and dismissed numerous claims of sexual abuse brought by members within the Jehovah’s Witnesses dating back to 1950. Some former members claim the Watchtower Society has recorded thousands of named of alleged offenders within the Jehovah’s Witness community, and refuse to release them to law enforcement.

In court cases brought against the Watch Tower Society in both the U.S. and United Kingdom, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been found negligent in failing to protect children from known sex offenders. The organization has also paid substantial sums to settle abuse lawsuits outside of court.

A History of Failed Policies: The Two-Witness Rule

Sexual abuse within the Jehovah’s Witness community is largely ignored, covered up, or dismissed as unfounded – a problem that prevents abuse from ever being reported to law enforcement, and often allows abusers to continue their misconduct against children and vulnerable members.

Much of the scrutiny surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses stems from their internal policies for “investigating” sexual abuse allegations, which have been widely criticized.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses practice what is known as a “two witness” rule, a policy purportedly used to protect against false accusations. The rule is said to be based off the Jehovah’s Witness’ interpretation of Deuteronomy 19:15 and Matthew 18:15-17, and requires that a sexual abuse allegation be corroborated by secondary evidence if the accused individual denies wrongdoing.

The problem with this policy is that few offenders willingly confess to their crimes, and that there are often no witnesses to abuse. While DNA and other scientific evidence may constitute one form of evidence, that alone is not enough to substantiate a claim. In such cases, it is Jehovah’s Witness policy to place the accused under careful monitoring, or restrict some of their privileges. However, no other steps are taken, and accused abusers are rarely ever reported to law enforcement.

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